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10 Favorite Moments From True Blood Season 1

In anticipation of the return of True Blood (Season 3 premieres June 13, 2010), I thought I would revisit the finest (or not so finest) moments of season 1. True Blood is one of my favourite television shows and I think it is fitting that this be the topic of my first blog post. I think that this is also a good summary of all that happened is season 1. Favorite moments from season 2 will be posted soon.


10 – Sookie and Bill Meet

In the season 1 opener, Bill the vampire enters Sam’s bar and meets Sookie Stackhouse for the first time.

Sookie meets Bill for the first time at Sam's Bar

Sookie is smitten and of course, her friends warn her about Bill and his vampire-ness. Sookie uses her telepathic abilities to save Bill from a couple of hicks trying to drain his blood. I guess Sookie ain’t no dim-witted blonde after all. Oh my stars!

Sookie saves Bill from the Rattrays

9- Maudette Is Murdered and Jason Thinks He Did It

After having some kinky sex with Jason Stackhouse (Sookie’s brother), Maudette tricks Jason into thinking that he had accidentally choked her to death. Being the moron that he is, Jason panics and leaves. After seeing the video that Maudette had taken of them two doing the nasty, Jason realizes that it was not him who murdered Maudette.

Jason reacts after Maudette fakes death

8 – Sookie Discovers Dawn (of the) Dead

For those who do not remember, Dawn was that waitress who worked at Sam’s bar (Jason also has sex with her).  After not showing up to work, Sam asks Sookie to stop by her house to find out what was going on. Apparently, Dawn was hanging out on her bed….dead.

Sookie discovers Dawn dead

Sookie is processing information and/or having a stroke...

Sookie reacts

What I especially enjoyed about this scene is Sookie’s delayed reaction. After entering Dawn’s bedroom and discovering her corpse, Sookie calls out “Dawn? Dawn? “, stares at her dead body for a minute and then screams. Maybe Sookie was having a stroke?

7- Bill and Sookie go to Fangtasia and Sookie Meets Eric

Sookie meets Eric for the first time at Fangtasia, a skanky vampire bar that probably smells like sex. We all know that Eric becomes a big part of season 2, but this is the first episode he appears in. Eric becomes interested in Sookie after he discovers that Sookie is not 100% human. We also learn that vampires speak Swedish.

Eric the Swedish vampire

6- We Discover Bill’s Vampire Origins

Bill was on his way home from war and stumbles into a woman living in a house. Hungry, Bill asks for food from the innocent-looking woman. She then jumps on Bill and commences to eat him. Then, she makes Bill drink her blood.

Feed me, woman

It is you that will feed me

And that, folks, is how Bill became vampire!

5- Sookie Discovers Grandmother Murdered

To me, it wasn’t surprising because she was kind of useless. After coming home from a date with Sam, Sookie discovers her dead grandmother lying in a pool of her own blood. How many people has Sookie discovered dead so far?

One of the more useless characters of True Blood dies

Sookie realizes that everybody in the town blames her for her grandmother’s death and of course, it is.

Maybe Sookie's cat is a vampire?

4- Tara’s Mother Has A Demon Inside of Her

"I have a demon inside me!"

After paying a large amount of money, Tara’s mother receives an “exorcism” from an “exorcist”.

The exorcism of Lettie Mae

One of Tara's many WTF faces

Then, convinced that the exorcism worked on her mother, Tara gets her own exorcism after being told that she too had a demon inside her. Later we all find out that she had only drugged her mother and that the exorcism was a hoax and the exorcist was nothing more than a drug store employee.

I'm about to smack a ho

3- Adventures of Jason and the Hippie Girl from Cloverfield


Jason meets that girl from Cloverfield. You know, the one who’s head blows up in the tent.  After taking some V together, Jason and Cloverfield girl (Amy) have sex.

Amy the hippie with Jason the V addict

This is what happens when you take drugs

This is what happens when you take drugs and have sex

Jason introduces the hippie to Sookie and their friends and she starts working at Sam’s bar (apparently, all the young women from Bon Temps work there). The hippie and Jason track down a vampire, kidnap him and drain him of his blood.  Against the hippie’s request, Jason befriends the vampire. This all ends in a messy way when Amy kills the vampire. Soon after, Amy gets killed as well.

Jason befriends the vampire

Amy kills the vampie

2- Sookie Discovers Sam Was the Dog

Sam was dog, dog was Sam. After discovering a naked Sam on her bed, Sam finally tells Sookie that he is a Shapeshifter (one who has the ability to turn into an animal).

Oh no, I'm nekkid on Sookie's bed.

This is when we discover that Sam was actually that dog that followed Sookie around throughout season 1. Don’t remember the dog? Let’s revisit the clues:

Sam was the one who was licking Sookie's face

Sam was the one who was stalking Sookie all along.

Now it makes sense why Sam was sniffing Dawn's sheets. ...

1- Rene Did It

The final episode of the season finally answered our questions about the identity of the killer. If you are not a devoted True Blood watcher, it is very acceptable for you to ask: who the heck is Rene? Well, he is the hard-to-spot boyfriend of Arlene (the red-headed waitress).  Some of you may need proof that that this Rene fellow actually appeared in episodes other than the season finale.

I bet you didn't notice Rene there before!

Hey, look at me, I appeared in more than one episode.

Rene is the man beside the red-head

Sookie discovers Rene to be the killer by reading his mind. After failed attempts at shooting him, Rene chases Sookie into the cemetary. Sensing that Sookie is in trouble, Bill moronically exits his house in the daylight, thinking that he would be able to do something other than fry in the sunlight. In an almost equally moronic fasion, Sam tries to save Sookie by shapeshifting into a dog and attempting to maul Rene from behind. Of course, both of Sookie’s men fail horribly, so Sookie takes matters into her own hands and decapitates Rene with a shovel.

Sookie, let me save you!

Sam uselessly mauls Rene.

Notable Mentions and Events that Tie into Season 2

Tara Meets Maryann

Marianne pays Tara’s bail after Tara’s public display of drunkeness at a party. This is the start of a major story arc in Season 2.

Maryann plays an important role in season 2

Bill is Forced by the Magister to Turn Jessica Into a Vampire

We all remember Jessica from Season 2. Well, in episode 10 of season 1, Bill turns Jessica into vampire.

Jessica does not want to turn into a vampire

The magister played by Zeljko Ivanek. You may remember him from Heroes, Big Love, or his Emmy-award winning role in Damages Season 1.

In anticipation of the return of True Blood (Season 3 premieres June 13, 2010), I thought I would revisit the finest (or not so finest) moments of season 1. True Blood is one of my favourite television shows and I think it is fitting that this is the topic of my first blog post.